At some point in your life, it is highly likely you will require a legal service of some kind. If you are purchasing a house – you will need a conveyancer. If you’ve been mis-sold an investment – you’ll need a professional negligence solicitor. If you have been dismissed from your job unfairly – the likelihood is that you will be instructing a law firm that specialises in employment law.

These are things you cannot put off.

However, writing a Will is something that many people do put off. Many people think of putting their affairs in order, but often never do. As a result, nearly 2/3 of UK adults do not have a Will.

So what is putting you off writing your Will?

Negative connotation surrounding Wills

The first point, and perhaps the most important is the negative connotation surrounding Wills. The first thing people often think of is their own mortality. True, a Will clearly sets out what happens to your estate when you pass away, however writing a Will does not mean anything bad is going to happen. In fact, the complete opposite is true. By writing your Will, you decide what happens to your estate when you do eventually pass… not the state. Only by writing your Will do you decide what happens with everything you have worked so hard for.

You think you don’t need a Will

Secondly, you think you do not need a Will. Many people say “I don’t own any property” or “well it will go to my children in any event”, or even “it will just go to my partner as it’s only the two of us living together”. A Will clearly sets out your wishes, so even if you do not own any property you can still decide who you would like to inherit your most personal possessions. Also, you can set out your funeral directions and even appoint guardians if you have any children under the age of 18. Furthermore, most of us will have built up a pension pot over the years, the value of which would form part of your estate. A Will also ensures there are no family disputes over who gets what, as this will be clearly laid out.

If you do not write a Will you will die intestate and under current laws, partners do not inherit. Intestacy rules state that the spouse or civil partner will keep all the assets (including property) up to the value of £270,000 as well as all personal possessions. If your estate is worth more than this amount, then the spouse / civil partner will inherit half of the remaining balance and then the other half will be divided equally between the surviving children.

It’s too complicated and too expensive

It’s true that if you attempt to write your Will yourself by using a DIY service, things can get complicated. I believe that people want a personal and professional service, particularly when dealing with one of the most important decisions they will have to make in their lifetime… deciding what happens to everything they’ve worked so hard for.

At Penrose Wills our unique selling point is that we are able to prepare your Will at an extremely cost-effective price (even for an estate planning company), yet have expert consultants who invest time into each and every one of our clients and are able to deal with the whole process of writing a Will.

We arrange a telephone appointment at a time to suit you and are available seven days a week. Once COVID allows we will be able to conduct face to face appointments. Upon taking your instructions, we then prepare a draft of your Will and send this over to you for checking. Once you are happy with this and any necessary amendments have been made, we send your Will to you for signing and witnessing. Again, when circumstances have changed, we can meet you at your property to get the Will signed.

To us, you are not merely a number, you are a valued client and no problem is too big for us. We will go every step of the way to ensure that your wishes are documented and that you are pleased with our service. Penrose Wills are also fully regulated and as members of The Society of Will Writers we have to ensure that we abide to a strict code of practice which protects you as the client.
So if you would like to get your affairs in order, please contact Penrose Wills today on 0203 488 5495 or send us an email at

Jamie Howell – Director
Penrose Wills
28th April 2020